Can You Find More Flaws Between The Real And Fake Air Jordan 1 Satin

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Well , the title says it all, and this is scary; the Jordan 1 Retro Satin came out a few months ago and was limited to 501 pairs I believe. I looked on eBay and they are going for as high as$1999. They were numbered and were extremely limited and that is exactly what replica factories like. It didn’t take them long to produce replica pairs and I was shocked at how good they looked. Now I gathered up pictures of the Fake  Air Jordan 1 Satin and put them against the authentic pairs and couldn’t find any flaws initially. But the flaws became apparent upon closer inpsection: it definitely would have been easier with the shoes in my possession. So I decided to have you guys help me find additional flaws on this edition of Real Vs Fake. I’ll label each picture ( Real on the left, Fake on the right and you guys can comment with the flaws you see). Here are the pictures I gathered

The shoe may appear to have a different color shade but that’s due to the lighting I believe, I’m looking for actual cosmetic differences/flaws.. the one thing I’ll say is the Fake one appears to have a shorter tongue. Do You agree?

I want to say that the material on the inside walls might be a little different. What do you guys think? Now all the shoes are numbered so there can only be one number 276.. That might be one way to bust the fakes? but who has the authentic pair numbered 276?
Interestingly enough, the more I paid attention, the more the flaws became apparent. So if you look at the yellow circle , it shows you how much the throatline extends on the authentic pair: it doesn’t line up with the lace that goes across the holes but on the fake pair the laces and the throatline overlap
I initially said not to mind the colors because of the lighting but it became more clear that the fake pair has an orange outsole while the authentic pair has a bright blood red outsole. And if you look at the picture before this one, you can also notice that toe box on both pairs aren’t the same colors
Well, check the red rectangle and you clearly see how the fake box has the wrong shoe name ( air jordan 1 black toe). Moreover, the yellow circle shows you how the fonts aren’t the same


Feel free to add more flaws if you see any.

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