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Bootleggers Are Ahead Of The Game, Air Jordan 1 Mismatch With QR Code

Bootleggers Are Ahead Of The Game, Air Jordan 1 Mismatch With QR Code

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The replica industry is always going to be a thorn on the side of major brands, there is nothing new under the Sun. But what amazes me is the speed with which bootleggers adapt to the new changes in the sneaker market. I wrote a post a month ago celebrating the advent of the QR code on several Nike sneakers’s inside and box label, see link below

Air Jordan 1 Low Black Toe With QR Code, Nike Just Created More Disruption

My goal was to affirm that Nike was finally taking the problem of” replica shoes” very seriously and the brand is. But with every change implemented, more challenges appear, and the recent one is the influx of “forged QR codes” on the new breed of fake Jordan/Nike sneakers I’ve come across.

Most of Nike shoes are made in contracted factories overseas; and the lack of serious security measures has led to blueprints being stolen. And the consequence of that is the myriad of fakes available in the market. I don’t even have to check Nike PR news to see what kind of sneakers the brand is going to be releasing in months to come. All I have to do is surf one or two “grey market sneaker/s/replica” websites and I can spit out confidently the Brand’s release calendar for 2019/2020.

I’m sure the pair of mismatched Jordan 1 you see in the pictures below is going to be appearing in Nike’s Summer/Fall release calendar for year 2019 ( I may be wrong but the odds against my judgement  are minimal).

nike is going to have to train the consumer on ways to identify the fake from the real QR code.

Fake Air jordan 11 Low Snakeskin Spotted With StockX Tag & QR Code-Beware

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