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Beware Of The Fake Air Jordan 4 IV Tattoo Chinese Single Day

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Fake pairs of the Air Jordan 4 IV Tattoo’s are out and you’ll do well to check the pictures below carefully to avoid them. I don’t have an authentic pair on hands to do a comparison so all I’m going to do is show you are key elements you can use to avoid the replicas.

The air chamber looks cloudy and if you look at its screen , it has a bunch of subtle lines ( indicating poor craftsmanship).

You can see how the authentic pair has a clear air unit ( absence of lines on its screen)

If you come across a seller whose inside label features the production dates in the picture above, stay away from him. You can also see how the digits of the upc look incomplete ( the #s 2,6,0,7 ,3 and 5 appear to be fading near the bottom).

The box label is snow white , on most Jordan retros that I’ve come across the label is usually off-white, check the picture below for additional information

The label shows you the difference between the fake label of the jordan 4 travis scott and the authentic one-OFF WHITE LABEL ON THE REAL PAIR AND SNOW WHITE ON THE FAKE ONE

The “JUMPMA LOGO” on the sockliner of the fake pair will peel off upon wearing the shoe, the ink used to print the logo is of low quality. Check the picture below as a reference

There you have it folks, once I get access to  additional pictures of the authentic pair, I’ll update the post




tayib salami

tayib salami

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tayib salami