Air Jordan 11 Gym Red & Midnight Navy: Which Is Real Or Fake | A Tale Of Confusion

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This article was birthed out of my frustration with the lack of common sense some of us display at times.  But i don’t want to sound arrogant and condescending because people ask questions because they are genuinely looking for answers. A few days ago, an individual in a sneaker group posted a picture of the Air Jordan 11 Gym Red, which was being sold on a website that had full size runs of the shoes. But here is the catch, the site claimed the shoes came in an unmarked Jordan box, in other words,

they are legitimate sneakers but were obtained through some secret channel we can’t disclose hence the unmarked box

Well, ladies and gentlemen you can choose to believe this deception if you want but in your own heart, you know these are fake. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that, this is common sense. And every year, it never fails, we run into the same problem- people wanting to get the shoes super early and all for what? The vanity of man, the feeling of being validated and acknowledged by the masses. Hopefully what you’ll see in the paragraphs below will deter you from purchasing shoes from these so called “CONNECTS”.

  • The first thing I want to say is that I blame sneaker blogs for throwing people into confusion ( me included). In our quest to be the first one to have ” the information” on upcoming sneakers, we are willing to post pictures of shoes from illegitimate websites. And  people trust the websites because they are coming from a “trusted” sneaker blog and that’s how the trouble begins
    This is a pair of fake clot vapormax that was featured on several high profile websites. Someone will probably see these on eBay and buy them thinking they are buying authentic pairs


  • This new breed of  replica sellers has understood the entire sneaker game,  so what they do is pin their   almost perfect replicas against their competitors lower quality replicas- and basically claim that their sneakers are the authentic ones ( the word authentic is used very loosely). What they are trying to say is that “our fakes are manufactured with OEM materials”. But you wouldn’t buy it if they worded it that way so they use the word “authentic ” or “Real” , check out the pictures below
notice how next to the supposedly Real pair, there is the name of the site that is selling it. Now think about it for a minute, Jordan Brand hasn’t even released the official pictures and somehow this site claims to have the finished product, and is willing to throw you into confusion with this comparison.
You can clearly see the material differences but nonetheless both shoes are FAKE. One is just better than the other, don’t be deceived by the word REAL
Again, I don’t see any differences here to be honest beside the Jumpmen, but why would you want to take a chance on these shoes if Jordan Brand hasn’t even released the official pictures and packaging yet
The fakes have definitely evolved but they are still FAKE both pairs are fake
this is very comical, they even go as far as showing you differences in the box. A counterfeiter exposing another counterfeiter; isn’t this a contradiction.

My objective is to keep you from losing your hard earned money; please understand that I’m not worried about anyone selling fakes, if you want to sell replicas , go right ahead. But at least be honest about what you’re selling and tell your buyers what they are.

Some may ask: how do you know all this? I’ll give you my background so you can understand why I do what I do.



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