Air Jordan 1 Mid Shattered Backboard & How To Identify The Fake Pair

Air Jordan 1 Mid Shattered Backboard 554725-058 1

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My Friday afternoon scouting led me to my local footlocker where I had the opportunity to pick up a pair of the Air Jordan 1 Mid shattered backboard in grade school sizes. The shoe was obviously inspired by its ancestor, the Jordan 1 High SBB. Nike has definitely implemented the edit to amplify when it comes to the Jordan 1 mids- the brand has capitalized on its most popular colorways by creating their hybrid in the mids silhouette.
Here is a quick look at the sneaker and I also took the opportunity to show you quick tips to identify fake from real sneakers by using the latest technology Nike has added to its recent sneakers
PS:I’ve done a lot of comparisons between fake and authentic sneakers over the last couple of years, and realized  I never put together a comprehensive list of all the posts I created. So to help you guys make better decisions prior to making any purchases online from third party merchants, I created this Legit check list today ( over 100 comparisons). I’ll update it periodically because fakes/replicas are getting upgraded as I type this. The replica industry has been using our comparisons to perfect their items, basically they look at the flaws we point out and fix them. So it’s an ongoing problem and I’ll do my best to keep this post as current as possible
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