A New Batch Of The Fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Is Out, Beware

real vs fake air jordan 1 travis scott cactus jack
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This post was birthed out of an exchange I had on a FB group I’m in. I was trying to warn folks about the fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott I came across and the interaction below followed after,

Michael Tran You cant use this as a guide cause there are so many batches and it keeps getting better and better..
Tayib Salami Send me pics of the new batch so i can update the post
Michael Tran lol there is like 5/6 new batches.. all the info is at Reddit.
Tayib Salami Since you have the latest batch, just send me the pics. And I’ll check for the nuances.
Michael Tran Lol where did you see me say I have the latest batch?
But later on, another more assertive member of the group sent me a link from Reddit that led me to the new batch of the fake Travis Scott 1’s that were being mentioned. And that’s what I want to show you.
This picture was taken from Reddit, you can click on it to read the full post via Reddit
real vs fake air jordan 1 travis scott cactus jack 1
I wanted to add my own comments just to help you guys a bit more. You can clearly notice the difference in the shape of both shoes ( the authentic pair has more curves). The logo on the heel is more subtle on the fake pair and the overall color of the fake pair is darker.
fake air jordan 1 travis scott
real pair of the air jordan 1 travis scott
real vs fake air jordan 1 travis scott cactus jack
You can see how the fake pair is more elevated at the forefoot.
There you have it folks, these fakes are getting better by the minute and it’s going to take more than just these types of side by side comparisons to bust them. Nike is going to have to invest in a better technology to combat them i.e the QR code.  And the QR code is  going to have to incorporate accurate details/records of the shoes it’s embedded on. Otherwise fake/real shoes are going to become identical twins.
PS: The Real VS Fake posts require a lot of time to write because replica/counterfeits are getting better and spotting their flaws is a meticulous task. I understand that some of you may still be unsure about the authenticity of your sneakers, this is why I’m providing the video below to give additional help. Be sure to watch it in its entirety and don’t forget to subscribe to my website. Your support is greatly appreciated
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