Win A Free Pair Of Air Jordan 4 Lightning

air jordan 4 lightning raffle
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Here is your opportunity to win a free  pair of Air Jordan 4 Lightning . To be eligible to win this pair, you must be subscribed to Housakicks Premium Access.

Why Subscribe to the  Housakicks Premium Membership?

The Benefits

1.Get Access To Our Premium Content

2.Get a  Free Sneaker Authentication every month

3.Get Exclusive Access To Early Links, Coupons & Sneaker Steals

4.Get  a periodical Report On Sneakers and other items you can resell for money

5.Get your Sneaker Story/Collection or Store Featured on Housakicks ( we receive about 30, 000 page views a month)

6. Get periodically put into our raffle for a chance to win a free item ( sneakers for the most part but also other items)

7.  Get your fee waived on the first three items your purchased every month via our concierge proxy shopping service

Subscribe Today, see details below

The monthly subscription is $4.99

However you can save an extra $10 by signing up for a yearly subscription, the cost is $49.99 a year.

Housakicks Premium

As soon as we reach 100 subscribers , which is pretty soon we will do a live raffle for the Air Jordan 4 Lightning  and the winner will be contacted. We will be doing these raffles periodically. Be sure to take advantage of all the others perks and benefits that come with the membership.

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