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Air Jordan Retro 4 “What The 4” CI1184-146 | Market Value?

I just wrote a post about the possible number of pairs made of the Air Jordan Retro 4 "What The 4", see link below Now we need to evaluate the performance of the shoe in third party marketplaces. That is going to help us make some inferences about how the shoe will perform in the retail market as well. I collected my data from eBay and StockX, combined them and came up with the results below, see histogram You can clearly see that size 8.5 is leading the charge with a total of 27 pairs sold so far ( 58.7% of the pairs sold were of size 8.5). Out of the 46 sales records, most of the individuals purchasing the shoe are mostly interested in the size 8.5. Now let's find the average sale price per size sold. Average sale value for size 8 is $250 since  every one of the five pairs sold for $250 Average sale value for size 8.5 The current market value for a size 8.5 is $27
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