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Air Jordan 1 Mid Maison Chateau Rouge CU2803-200 Resale Value| Buy, Sell Or Hold?

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Maison Chateau Rouge is also part of the Nike's Fearless collection.  The shoe was birthed out of joint work between  Parisian label Maison Château Rouge and Nike. It is covered in a myriad of colors consistent with Maison Chateau Rouge founders's African heritage. Material wise the sneaker features premium and synthetic leather with special stitch detailing on the tongue and heel, visit for more details. The shoe will certainly be limited and folks are looking to capitalize on it; here is a breakdown of its current market value and the inferences we can make from it. Retail Value of the shoe: $130 before tax and $138 after tax if you live in Maryland Average Sale Price VS Time ( size 8) The first sale was recorded on November the 13th; I included the line of best fit to stress out the fact that the shoe has been trending down ( within 14 days it went from $317 to $232). There were some days where it went all the way up to $476 but the overall
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