Air Jordan 1 Mid Maison Chateau Rouge Buy, Sell Or Hold Report?


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This report covers the Air Jordan 1 Mid Maison Chateau Rouge’s resale value. I receive a lot of messages from individuals wanting to know what shoe to invest in for monetary gains. So I decided to write these reports in order to guide you in your decision making process. This particular one will break down the average sale value of the Air Jordan 1 Mid Maison Chateau Rouge by size, and the corresponding profit by size. It will show you what sizes yield to the maximum profit and will also give you a projection on whether to hold the shoe or not for long term monetary gains.

My Credentials:

-I earned my Bachelor’s degree in mathematics

-I have over 10  years in the apparel and footwear industry. i have operated some of the most successful eBay and Amazon stores with the highest ratings on all 3rd party sites.

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