This Generic Ultra Comfy EVA Foam Runner Shoe Is A Must Have

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The recent split between Adidas and Kanye West’s Yeezy brand has caused a surge of other brands offering similar sneakers to the Yeezy line. One of the most coveted styles is surprisingly not the Yeezy 350 but rather foam runners. These are incredibly comfortable shoes, perfect for everyday wear, yet they come with a hefty price tag – costing close to $200 on the secondary market. For those of us who can’t afford such an expense, I recently stumbled across a surprisingly good quality generic EVA foam runner shoe that definitely caught my eye.

Before I even show you the pair that I came across, let me quickly show you how popular the foam runners are.

Foam runner shoe interest over time

I was very intrigued with the results I found when I was searching for the popularity and current demand of the foam runner shoe on the market. As you can see from the chart interest hits its highest right around the Spring and the Summer ( with scores in the 100’s). The current interest is about 29, which is to be expected since we are in the winter. I perform a lot of market research on shoes and most times they hit the zero mark and peaks are very sporadic. This isn’t the case with the foam runners, interest hasn’t gone lower than 29. And there is a reason why people like them-comfort.

What Makes Foam Runners So Popular?

They are incredibly on demand  because they offer an unparalleled level of comfort that other sneakers just can’t match. This is due to the fact that they are made out of EVA foam, which is lightweight yet durable enough to provide excellent cushioning for your feet. Additionally, they have a very weird yet appealing aesthetic that resonates with modern day consumers who are free spirited and given over to abstraction.

Unique Features 

Comfortability: As already mentioned, they are very comfortable and plush

Durability: Unless you put them through an ultra sharp blade, these aren’t bound to break into pieces easily. The foam materials have longevity

Cushioning: Cushioning on them is easily comparable to the Nike React or Adidas boost based on many reviewers. The closest thing to the Foam runners are crocs, but the runners are much softer, more responsive underfoot.

Introducing The EVA Foam Runner Shoe

There was no way I was going to shed even close to $100 on a pair of foam shoe. I know it delivered as far as quality was concerned but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on it. So I was looking for some alternatives and I believe Adidas’ split with Kanye made room for more companies to take their own crack at the silhouette since Adidas pulled them out of the market. My search led me to the pair you’ll see in the video below ( watch it thoroughly): I compared both shoes in terms of aesthetic, traction, comfort, cushioning and more

 Crocs Or Foam runners?

I have owned my crocs for almost 10 years, prior to the hype and I can confidently say that Crocs are amongst the most comfortable shoes in the market. If Crocs were Toyotas then the Foam Runners would be Lexus( if you know where I’m going with it). My Crocs are a bit harder on the footbed than these foam runners I picked up. They are softer on the footbed and hug your entire foot.  They are easy to slip on and they are almost like an extension of your foot, its like having a shoe on without having one on. Simply put, they are ultra comfortable.

How Do they Fit?

They fit true to size

Are there different styles available?

Check the details below for all the colorways and different mocks I came across.

Where To Buy It

You can check the details below

yeezy foam runner Eva



black EVA Foam runner shoe
Black Pair


Red and orange foam runner
Red and orange




Beige Foam Runner Shoe back



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