Nike Kyrie 7 Performance Review & Where To Buy It Under Retail

Nike Kyrie 7 Performance Review
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Last week the Reebok Question Mid was the object of our performance review. Today we’ll be looking at the Nike Kyrie 7, a shoe that was primarily built to serve Brooklyn’s evasive guard. Kyrie’s game is highly dependent on quickness, speed and excessive shifting. He  does a lot of contortion with his body that put a lot stresses on his legs, so he needs a shoe that can sustain a lot of abuse. Without further due, let’s get the anatomy of the shoe.

Nike Kyrie 7 Notable Information

Weight: 0.8 pound

Midsole Technology: EVA at the heel and Zoom turbo at the forefoot

Sizing: Apparently it fits true to size

Suggested Retail Price: $130

Current Price: You can buy it now via eBay under retail, CLICK HERE

Ratings Of Key Components 

Elements Cushioning Traction Stability Lockdown
Rating 81% or B- 89% or B+ 83% or B- 86% or B+


Elements Torsional Support Weight Ventilation Durability
Rating 64% or D 88% or B+ 68% or D 75% or C+

The ratings are based on data collected from 9 distinct individuals. Based on the ratings above, we can find the cumulative rating for the attributes:

Overall Rating for components= 79% which is a C+

Positional Performance Ratings

Position Guard Wing Big
Rating 88% or B+ 86% or B+ 83% or B-

The overall positional rating is =86% which is a B+

The way I will calculate the final score of this shoe is by taking the average of both cumulative ratings:

The Kyrie 7 has an overall score/rating = 83% or B-

Personal Observations:

As far as I’m concerned the main things I look for in a shoe are cushioning, traction, stability and lockdown. In those four areas, the shoe is very decent and is recommendable. We live in the era of mobile centers so you will also notice that the shoe isn’t affected by what position one plays. It is light enough to allow for mobility, which is necessary for the way the game is played now. Durability isn’t what it needs to be ( that is be expected), considered the materials used on the uppers. The shoe has a low score when it comes to torsional support- this can cause injuries since the shoe has low resistance to deformities. So the choice is up to you.

 Here are the technical features of the shoes courtesy of Finishline:

  • Lightweight sneaker is wrapped in mesh for stability without the bulk
  • Molded fins fold over your forefoot when you lace up
  • Padded collar offers support around the Achilles
  • Air Zoom Turbo unit bends for comfort from multiple angles
  • 360-degree computer-generated traction pattern
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Nike Kyrie 7 Performance Review 3Nike Kyrie 7 Performance Review 3


You can also check out the Sole Brothers on court performance review of the shoes for additional information. See video below

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