Jordan 1 Tatum Barbershop: A Sneaker with a Story to Tell + Performance Review

Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop release date and review
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It’s no secret that Jordan Brand is always looking for their next superstar signee and it seems like they’ve struck gold with Jayson Tatum. The young Celtic has been putting on an absolute clinic during the playoffs, leaving defenders in the dust and fans on the edge of their seats. I can only imagine the excitement and celebration going on at Jordan Brand HQ right now as they watch their guy dominate on the big stage. And to add onto Tatum’s success, Nike has just released his very first signature shoe. We’re now being treated to the Jordan 1 Tatum Barbershop.

Inspired by Tatum’s belief that a fresh cut gives him an edge during games, this unique design features barbershop-inspired details in bright blue and red stripes, symbolic of a barber’s pole. You’ll find these accents on the heel tabs (along with Tatum’s signature ) and the interior sides of the tongues, which also display a “Deuce” hit to shout out Tatum’s son.

If you’re looking to grab a pair, see details below

Where To Buy the Jordan 1 Tatum Barbershop

  • Price:$120
  • Release Date: 2023-05-16
  • Style Code:DX5571-180
  • Color: Coconut Milk / Black / Laser Blue / Metallic Gold


Nike, Footlocker

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Air Jordan Tatum 1: Performance Review

Uppers/ Durability

Zach Foot Doctor described the uppers of the Air Jordan Tatum 1 basketball shoe as being lightweight. He noted that Jason Tatum’s design inspiration for the shoe was to emphasize the forefoot so that a player could feel the ground, while still offering performance. The upper consists of two layers: an intricate knitted layer and a tighter TPU layer providing stability. The uppers were tested with a Dremel tool for 10 seconds and the first layer was penetrated, but not the second. The shoe is best suitable for hardwood or rubberized surfaces as long as there is no extreme toe dragging.


The shoe is not well-ventilated due to the robust Strobel board and  its dual layer upper. It was heating up to 168 degrees and cool down to 81 degrees ( that may be uncomfortable to play in on hot summer days). However the stability provided by the design helps make up for its lack of breathability.

Midsole/ Cushioning

The midsole and cushioning of the Air Jordan Tatum 1 is a combination of midsole and outsole. It features a large  Zoom Air unit in the medial forefoot, plus a TPU stabilizer that extends from the midfoot to the rear foot for added support. The TPU stabilizer allows energy to flow from front to back, springboard up off the ground and provide kickback, creating an optimal experience for those who play on their toes.

Traction/ Durability

The Tatum 1 is designed for use on hardwood and rubberized quartz surfaces, with its outsole durability test showing no damage on the forefoot tread pods and  two millimeters of damage on one millimeter tread depth at the rear foot. The low weight of the shoe gives it a good speed ratio, which coupled with its super hard rubber compound provides excellent grip when used correctly.


They fit true to size

Who should wear the Jordan Tatum 1?

The shoe is designed to offer protection to the ball of the foot, but may not be suitable for those with heel pain due to the jutting up of the midsole foam in this area. Additionally, those using an orthotic should check that it will fit comfortably prior to opting for it.

Here’s a rating for the key categories of the shoe

Category                                                                                                                                              Rating

 Foot Containment 4/5
 Bounce 4/5
Shock Absorption 3.5/5
Speed 4/5
Durability 3/5
Comfort 3.5/5
Support 3.5/5

Overall, the shoe received a grading of 73%, that is a C-

In conclusion, the  Air Jordan Tatum 1 is a great choice for athletes looking for a shoe offering protection for the ball of the foot and enhanced footwork. While it may not be suitable for those with heel pain, its lightweight design and super hard rubber compound provide excellent grip when used correctly. It is also perfect for anyone  looking to improve their fundamentals, as it will not give the desired performance unless the user has good footwork.

What is a good basketball shoe with great ratings?

If you’re looking for a lightweight basketball shoe that offers great cushioning, support and bounce, then look no further than the Adidas Dame 8.  The shoe has been tested by experts and has been rated as one of the best basketball shoes of 2023. It’s lightweight design makes it ideal for players who need to move quickly without sacrificing comfort or performance. Whether you’re playing in an outdoor tournament or just shooting around at your local court, the  Dame 8 will provide you with all the support and cushioning you need to stay comfortable and perform at your best.

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Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5574-180
Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5574-180

Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5574-180

Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5574-180
Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5574-180
Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5574-180
Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5574-180

Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5574-180

Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5574-180
Here are a few on feet look at the shoe courtesy of Jesuscare
Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5571-180

Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5571-180

Jordan Tatum 1 Barbershop DX5571-180




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