These Eco Friendly People’s Movement Sneakers Are Definitely Worth Checking Out

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My Wednesdays are always full of surprises and new discoveries; as I walked into my local skate shop I came across two shoes that caught my attention: the Sketchy Tank Vans and the Eco Friendly People’s Movement Sneakers. My initial reaction when I saw the PMS sneakers was,

these are some knock off Rosheruns

So as I was interacting with the store manager , he pretty much gave me the backstory behind the sneakers and humbled me. Most of us get so caught up with all the hyped sneakers by Nike, Adidas & more that brands such as the PMS fly under the radar. not only do these smaller brands have dope sneakers, but they also are created with better purposes. Did you know that the People’s movement sneakers were made out of recycled plastic bags, check out their story,

The People’s Movement creates eco-hip footwear and accessories that stand for reduction of single-use plastic. We pair eco-conscious materials with up-cycled plastic bags cleaned from Bali creating products that help protect our planet. We also support organizations like 5 Gyres who have systematically reduced plastics through oceanic research, collaboration and action.

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Here are  a few pictures of the shoes I took yesterday while in the store, what are your thoughts on the shoes?

They feature a knit like upper made out of eco friendly materials and recycled bags and sport a foam midsole for shock absorption. You can see the brand’s logo on the side panels
Each shoe will include a hang tag with the company’s mission statement
the outsole is very similar to the Nike rosherun’s outsole

You can buy them now on our STORE for $44.99




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