This Is The Best Review I’ve Seen On The Lamelo Ball Puma MB.01

This Is The Best Review I've Seen On The Lamelo Ball Puma MB.01
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If you’re a sneakerhead, then you’ve probably seen the Lamelo Ball Puma MB.01. It’s been all over social media lately, and for good reason. The dude is dynamite on the basketball court and has garnered enough interest among the youth, and consequently his sneakers absolutely sold out via retail. For me I wasn’t just looking to give the shoe a pass because they were Lamelo’s signature sneakers.  And having a high-quality shoe is essential for those of us who play basketball recreationally or professionally. Cushioning, stability, durability, and ankle protection are the major considerations for me when purchasing a basketball shoe. Once those four aspects are met, I’m not bothered about the price; I’m not saying I’m rich, but most basketball shoes I’ve purchased have cost me between $79 and $140. I didn’t get an opportunity to pick up a pair of the MB.01 so I was looking for an honest review of the shoe and I came across one of the best in depth evaluation of the shoe courtesy of Foot Doctor Zach on youtube.

He deconstructed the shoe to disclose its construction. He goes over the toe drop, midsole thickness, and how it influences cushioning. He also demonstrates how the shank is located at the bottom of the sole, allowing the wearer a better custom fit. You will not be disappointed if you watch this fantastic review. Also, be sure to subscribe to his channel to see how he breaks down different shoes.

Lamelo Ball Puma MB.01 In Depth Review

Where To Buy It 

  • Price:$125
  • Style Code:377237-02
  • Color: Red Blast / Fiery Red

You can purchase it now on eBay from our featured sellers via authenticity guaranteed, CLICK HERE

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