Official Images Of The Atmos Air Max 1 Jordan III 3 Pack | Available Early

Atmos Air Max 1 Jordan III 3 Pack

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Atmos Creative Director, Hirofumi Kojima, said the AM1 was the shoe that authored his love for sneakers in general. He was also behind the design of the original 2007 Air max 1 atmos that can be fetched on ebay from the $700’s. It was fitting for Nike to include the AJ 3 in the pack because they are Kojima’s favorite Jordan retro.  Here is an excerpt of his interview, Read more Via Nike

What does the AM1 mean to you? What does it represent for design and for sneaker culture?
Air Max series mean a lot to me, as they are the reason for me to become interested in sneakers. Among all, Air Max1 is a commemorative shoe as the 1st of Air Max series. I believe AM1 is a historical piece and an indispensable part of the legend for both atmos and sneaker culture.

What does Air Max (as a technology and a platform) mean to you?
I expect Air Max series to continue to evolve, and to come up with exciting products.

How did you approach the collaboration in 2007, what was the impetus for the color scheme?
I remember talking with the people in Nike Japan, who were involved in the project, about creating something crazy and stupid that would give impact to the market. We happened to find a pair of vintage Nike kids shoe with zebra print, and we decided to create shoes with animal prints under the concept of zoo.


Atmos Air Max 1 Jordan III 3 Pack, March 18

Available on Nike+ SNKRS and selected Global retailers

The pack is also available via ebay now , see featured listings below

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