Nike Dunk High Hoops Pack Pink: A New Spin on an Old Classic

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Introduced in 1985, the Nike Dunk was originally designed as a basketball sneaker. Over the years, it has been used for a variety of purposes, including as a skate shoe. The Nike Dunk High Hoops Pack is a new spin on the old classic, with updated colors and materials that make it perfect for today’s fashion trends. The Pink hues on the hairy suede base and leather overlays are eye-catching and fashionable, while the Sail midsole and Pink rubber outsole provide superior comfort and durability. Whether you’re on the court or on the street, this sneaker is definitely a must have.

Where To Buy The Nike Dunk High Hoops Pack Pink

  • Price:$130
  • Release Date: 2022-08-05 ( postponed to August 18)
  • Style Code:DX3359-600
  • Color: Medium Soft Pink / Black / Coconut Milk



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Dunk High Hoops Pack Pink: Resale Value

There are currently no sales’ data for the shoes; moreover only one seller is currently selling a pair of size 10, and its has been priced at $160. There are however a total of seven individuals looking for the shoe with offers ranging from $40 to $150. We ought to disregard any offer that is 20% below the suggested MSRP. So based on the data, the only bids that can be considered are the $135 and $150. With those two numbers, the average offer comes to $140, while the average seller’s asking price is $160. We’ll project the average resale value as follows:

Resale Value projected= ($140 +$160)/2= $150

At $150, folks are looking at -$2 loss, which means this isn’t a shoe you would want to resell. I’ll update the post as soon as I have access to better sales’ data.

Nike Dunk High Hoops DX3359-600 Release Date
Nike Dunk High Hoops DX3359-600 Release Date
Nike Dunk High Hoops DX3359-600 Release Date
Nike Dunk High Hoops DX3359-600 Release Date
Nike Dunk High Hoops DX3359-600 Release Date
Nike Dunk High Hoops DX3359-600 Release Date

My Take On The Shoe: Quick Review

The Dunk high  Hoops Pack is perfect for those who want a sneaker that oozes quality and style. The suede materials used on these sneakers are top-of-the-line, and they look great no matter what you wear them with. So if you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers to take your style up a notch, this is it. The colors are eye-catching but subtle and complementary, and they can be worn with a myriad of outfits.

It also comes with a padded heel liner, a thick midsole and EVA insoles where most of the cushioning come from. You have to remember that these shoes were originally created for the court, so comfort was definitely a priority. The result is a shoe that’s comfortable enough to wear all day, whether you’re shooting hoops or just strolling around town.

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