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The Nike Air Flightposite Topaz Is Another Thorn For Retailers

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Writing a post on the Air Jordan 4 “Bred” a couple of days ago led me to several retailers’s release calendar. Finishline, DTLR as well as many other retailers’s Saturday lineup feature a pair of Nike Air Flightposite  that is dropping alongside the Jordan 4 “Bred”. Not only is the colorway hideous ( it may be subjective on my part to say that ) but the worse part is that Nike opted to introduce this model on the worst possible date possible. The “Bred 4” is totally going to overshadow the Topaz Flightposite ( that’s what the colorway is called) and to make matters worse, its suggested retail price is $200.
Nike should have never even released these sneakers in the first place, and I’m glad you are asking why ??? Several iterations  of the Flightposite have been reintroduced in their original colorways and not a single one of them has benefited retailers. The royal  Flightposite is currently on sale for $109 and some retailers are still struggling to get the shoe off their shelves.
I took these pictures this morning in my local mall and you can clearly understand the implications
The screenshot above is from Jimmy Jazz and you can see that every single colorway at the exception of the not yet released Topaz is already on sale .. And here is the worst part- they are available in nearly every single size

So why is Nike even releasing the Air Flightposite Topaz?  If you haven’t read my last post on the sales performance of the Jordan 13 , I will invite you to do so ( it sheds some light on Nike’s possible reasons for flooding the market with what we usually call “junk/garbage” sneakers , see post below

How Is The Air Jordan 13 Cap And Gown Faring So Far?

 Gregory  Garber made a statement that I’m obligated to reinsert in this post,
My initial thought was that the 13s failed because customers were laying back for the 4s. Curiously, the 13s arrived without QR or RFID codes. Are they dumping product now, to RTV them in July for BTS in their outlets? (All black = school uniform)…I’m convinced that the 13s were a “warehouse release” that will sit until they are marked down
I hope you see the bigger picture; Nike is too good and too clever of a company to just dump frivolous sneakers on the market that no one is really interested in. Everything that we are witnessing is part of the brand’s DTC ( Direct To Consumer) push and retailers find themselves in a middle of a battle they can’t win unless drastic measures are taken.
The Nike Air Flightposite Topaz  hasn’t even officially released yet and it’s already available on eBay for $169. ( see picture above). So how in the world are retailers going to convince their consumers to grab a pair comes Saturday? They aren’t going to be able to do anything since buyers know that the shoe will be available at the outlets in a few months.
There is an immediate solution to this problem, it will require Nike needs to stay faithful to the Edit to Amplify campaign – simple as that. Stop releasing garbage products at ridiculous prices that no one wants. That is just the immediate solution, there are things tons of things retailers have to deal with and Chris’s book goes into detail about it, see link below

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