The Action Bronson New Balance 990v6 Baklava Is Definitely Worth Reselling, Here’s Where to Buy It

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The Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 “Baklava” is a collaboration between the rapper and the Boston Based brand. The shoe features a diverse mix of colors and materials, making it one of the most unique releases from both parties. The upper is made up of premium leather and suede, with accents of mesh on the tongue and toe box. The midsole is made up of the brand’s FuelCell foam technology for lightweight cushioning.

The design of the shoe draws inspiration from Action Bronson’s love for food, specifically his favorite dessert – Baklava. The color palette used in the shoe reflects it, with shades of browns and golds that mimic the look of Baklava. Additionally, the tongue tab features an embroidered baklava graphic that ties together the theme.

The Action Bronson x NB 990v6 “Baklava” is set to initially drop on March 17th, 2023 via, with a wider drop on March 24th, 2023 at select retailers worldwide. For purchase purposes, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 Baklava

Colorway: Multi/Multi
Style #:M990AB6
Release Date: March 17, 2023 & March 24


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Resale Value

Action Bronson NB 990 Resale Value Vs time

According to the data collected, prices went from $822 on March 13 to $781 the very next day, then down to $759 and drastically dropped to $90 on March 16th. This is probably due to certain sizes performing better than others, we’ll need our five number summary for further details.

Minimum: $350
Quartile Q1: $435
Median: $739
Quartile Q3: $785
Maximum:$ 844

The lowest the shoe sold for was $350, for a size 10.5, while the highest sale recorded was $844 for a size 11.5. The size 11.5 since went down to $435. 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $350 to $435 ( see next chart for sizes). 50% of them sold for prices between $435 and $785 and the remaining 25% sold for prices from $785 to $844. There was no outliers and the overall average sale price was $615 with a 30% volatility ( that’s really high). You can expect 68% of the pairs to sell for prices between $432 and $798 , leading to earnings between +$160 and +$493, for mark ups between 69% and 212% ( 4.6 to 14 times above average), that’s excellent news. Let’s see the current earnings by size sold.

Action Bronson New balance 990 earnings by size sold

The verdict is quite clear, this is certainly a shoe you want to resell if you’re a day trader. The returns are incredible and you will certainly be hitting the jackpot especially on larger sizes.

Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 'Baklava' (Lateral)
Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 'Baklava' (Medial)

Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 'Baklava' (Top)Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 'Baklava' (Detail)Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 'Baklava' (Front)Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 'Baklava' (Heel)

Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 'Baklava' (Sole)


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