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If You’re A Supreme Junkie, You Ought To Check Out TierOne Marketplace

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TierOne marketplace is probably one of the only places I’ll highly recommend for your sneaker insider needs, and I have legitimate reasons why. Its founder Michael Arca is a veteran in the sneaker game who is also very knowledgeable about the intricate aspects of this ever evolving market. If you’re familar with my site and ARCH-USA, then you know that we focus more on the in depth analysis of the shoe industry i.e we ask the why brands do what they do in order to help the consumer. Well TierOne is the one place where you can get all the latest Supreme information as it pertains to release dates, locations and how to get your hands on their gears. Trust me, I can’t tell you how much insider information I’ve learned from TierOne’s Facebook page. And here is the thing, you get all this information at no cost; we all know how greedy folks are in the shoe industry so  a place like TierOne is unheard of these days. TierOne also has an online consignment program, check the details below

Tier One was created by The Champion$ League with the intentions of establishing an online based open marketplace as well as providiving a simplified yet effective consignment program. Our website and services provide sellers with plenty of options on how they would like to market and sell their products.

At Tier One, anything goes in regards to what can be listed for sale as long as the items are LEGIT and100% AUTHENTIC. We do NOT allow products that are deemed illegal and/or against the law. Perishable goods are not accepted as well.


Tier One was created with the intentions of delivering the absolute best consignment experience online. With good business in mind, our consignment program is structured to allow for optimal efficiency and a very positive experience for both the buyer and seller. For every single transaction, no detail is overlooked whether large or small. Our team is very meticulous in how we conduct business.

Michael Arca

Visit TierOne CLICK HERE



tayib salami

tayib salami

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tayib salami