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Virgin Abloh Spotted With Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner, C’mon Son

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I don’t know which one is worse, Meek Mill rocking a pair of Nike Uptempo while a poster boy for Puma or V. Abloh with the Yeezy Wave Runner. For the past month and half , the sneaker community has been talking about Abloh’s Nike Off-white collection, and what does he do? His sorry tail steps out with a pair of Yeezy Runner on his feet. I’m not the smartest individual on earth but it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that this was a poor move. He is entitled to wear or do whatever he wants; and  I’m not sure what kind of agreement he has with Nike, but this certainly looks like a stab in the back. It’s almost like a subtle way of him saying,

Yes the Off-white Nike collection is dope, but Kanye is my close friend so F*** Nike, I rock with the best, Adidas

He just pretty much validated Adidas, whether knowingly or unknowingly I don’t know. But this was certainly a poor move and he ought to be smarter than that. Again I’m not knocking on the guy, he can do whatever he pleases, but I don’t think this was the right time to step out with a pair of Adidas shoes. What are your thoughts? Look at it from a business perspective.


tayib salami

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tayib salami