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What If Virgin Abloh Off- White Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0

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The whole world is impatiently waiting for Nike to unleash the Virgin Abloh X Nike collection which will feature ten sneakers, you can read the details about it in the article below

You’ll Be Able To Meet Virgin Abloh At Nike Off Campus Exclusive Event

Instagram account holder and designer blkoutln put his genius to the test by creating what we could see happening in the near future, a possible collaboration between Virgin Abloh and Adidas.

Blkoutln created his own version of the Off white using a light bone pair of the Adidas ultra boost 3.0. The shoes have all the elements present in the Nike Off white collection: the zip tie, and orange tab on the quarter panel and instead of using the wording “Off White” , he opted for the phrase “Ultra Boost” on the midsole. Another highlighted aspect of the shoes are the personalized laces that bear the wording “shoe laces”. What do you guys think of these shoes?

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tayib salami