Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Gigi Hadid Sports Silver Reeboks on Controversial Love Shoot

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid was photographed in red lipstick wearing silver Reeboks  during a controversial fashion photo shoot for the new Love Magazine calendar.

The Victoria’s Secret supermodel wore a hot red Tommy Hillfiger sports bra and shorts that perfectly matched her hot red lipstick while boxing, kicking, and stretching.

Her top has an unusual feature, which is a half-circle cut out that allows the wearer to show both inside and bottom cleavage.

Gigi’s hair appears wet and her skin dewy in most of the photographs. Whether the wet hair and dewy skin is from actually working out or the tricks of the modeling trade is unclear.

Click here to see photos of Gigi in the silver metallic Reebok sneakers on the dailymail.

It is clear that the supermodel is quite flexible. In one photograph she delivers what appears to be a powerful high kick.  Her right leg extends well beyond the entire portion of her upper body and even her head!

Later in the photo shoot, after what was perhaps a grueling workout, she extends her left leg and stretches using a wall radiator.  In the stretch photo, we get a good look at the metallic silver Reeboks.

The controversy about the Love advent calendar photo shoot has to do with Gigi’s grooming decisions.  In several photos, armpit hair is clearly visible.

Remarkably, it was not a mistake.  At this point, Gigi’s underarm hair is trending on Twitter.

CC Image Gigi Hadid – Candids In West Hollywood – August 2016 by Century Black


Whether you love or hate the pictures, the red and silver themed photo shoot goes well with the holiday season.

Time will tell if Gigi pushes metallic silver Reeboks into the forefront of fashion.

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