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The SB X Air Jordan 1 High LA To Chicago | How Many Pairs Possibly Made?

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I have to carefully select what to write on the site these days because Nike has flooded the market with so many sneakers. And the worse part about this is that other brands get buried  in the mix and consequently forgotten since most people have their eyes and attention fixated on Nike. One of the only unbiased websites that I know of is ARCH-USA ( a place where you can find daily information on literally every brand in the market). Yesterday I wrote a projection post on the SB X Jordan 1 NYC To Paris and I was asked about the SB Jordan 1 LA To Chicago. I instinctively thought that the numbers would be the same but a quick glance at several retailers’s release calendar led me to write this current post.

SB X Air Jordan 1 NYC To Paris | How Many Pairs Made & Market Value

Beside, the only other confirmed retailer carrying the SB X AJ 1 LA To Chicago that I came up with is Footaction ( and you’ll be surprised with the number of stores allocated an inventory).

Air jordan 1 LA To Chicago release details Footaction

Only three stores will be carrying the shoes and they are located in NY, IL and CA. To come up with our estimates we need to carefully consider how many pairs each location will be given. I think it’s safe to say that each FTA will be given about 300 pairs; now all we have to do establish some type of ration/relationship between Nike and FTA and then make our projection boldly. Let’s also assume that FTA online will receive  about half of the inventory the physical stores are appropriated.

I’ll assume that if FTA has received about 1/4 of the entire inventory and if that’s the case the total number of pairs produced based on my assumptions is:

Total= [ (300×3) +(300×3)/2] x 4=5400 and let’s take it up to 6000 pairs.


I ‘m very confident about the numbers I came up with and I’ll give more reasons for it. Take a look at StockX’s current sales record in the screenshot below

SB air jordan 1 LA To Chicago stockX's sales records

You can clearly see that the current market value of this item is $526( for a 158.9% markup) which indeed confirms the scarcity of the product. What really surprises me though is the fact that a total of 687 pairs have already been sold via StockX. This begs the question- who is selling these shoes to StockX???  I’ll make a few suggestions and leave it at that. We know that these shoes can’t be fake since the marketplace prides itself on selling only legitimate pairs. Maybe the “shoes” being sold on there fell off a truck and I’ll let you use your imagination and come up with your own conclusions. Maybe individuals with bots are so confident with their technology that they are willing to sell the item prior to its release date ( I’m only saying this because StockX will probably give the sellers an extension since the shoe isn’t yet available). The third option would be maybe there are certain account holders that have been given the shoe and to compensate for their slow sales, they are willing to take the risk of selling these shoes early.. Who knows??? We can only speculate, you can read more about this in the link below

Nike And Early Release Sneakers | A New Twist To The Story


SB X Air Jordan 1 High LA To Chicago

STYLE# CD6578-507, $175 5/25

Purchase link-Nike LIVE 5/25

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