Shoe Mystery! Ed Sheeran Sings With Taylor Swift Wearing Mystery Camel Colored Sneakers

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British singer Ed Sheeran rocked camel colored sneakers at the Z100 Jingle Bell event in New York this December. What are these sneakers?  I have no idea what type of sneakers these are. Other than Ed’s red hair, the sneakers were the most exciting part of his red carpet outfit.

Click here to see Ed wearing the mystery camel colored sneakers.

The singer sang with Taylor Swift at Madison Square Garden and took pictures with making-a-comeback Lindsay Lohan. We missed Lindsay Lohan and are glad she’s back. Despite wearing a track suit, Lohan was not wearing sneakers.

Taylor Swift wore a shimmery black outfit. Her shoes were not available for viewing in the photo collection presented on the

Along with his camel colored sneakers, Ed Sheeran wore dark blue jeans and a black YSL coat. He accessorized his outfit with dark round spectacles, which seemed at odds with his otherwise urban look.

On the other hand, when a guy can sing, it seems like the fans don’t care too much about his look.

CC Image Ed Sheeran Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi


So Ed Sheeran, you get a rare Housakicks pass. Don’t get it twisted though. We will be looking for you to do better in the future, especially once you hit that super star status in these here United States.

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