Puma Hybrid Rocket, The Adidas Ultra Boost Has Another Challenger

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I woke up this morning to this very thrilling words from Puma,

Over a period of several years, PUMA has worked on developing the biggest running technology to date. Now, the secret is out, and they are ready to launch it in its newest silhouette, giving life to the HYBRID Rocket. Fusing PUMA’s pinnacle cushion technology with the hottest style, HYBRID mixes PUMA’s two most innovative technologies, IGNITE FOAM and NRGY beads, to create a “hybrid” foam which provides ultimate cushioning and energy return for longer, faster runs

As appealing as these words are, all I could think of when I saw the sneakers was the Adidas Ultra Boost. And the next thing on my mind was , why the heck did it take Puma this long to come out with this sneaker? Is it going to be the next shoe folks want? That’s the question I’m going to consider this morning. We live in an ever fleeting society where people are always looking for the latest trend, product, etc.. Like I said earlier all the Puma Hybrid Rocket reminded me of was the Adidas ultra Boost and that right there is enough to turn off a lot of folks. I’m referring to the silhouette and the cushioning technology on the midsole- they look like a modded version of the Ultra Boost. If Puma had come out with this shoe prior to the UB, then it might have lured folks into making an immediate purchase but that’s not the case here. So how does Puma convince people into clicking the Buy It Now button? Maybe there is a reason the brand waited this long to come out with these shoes. They certainly can’t sell them based on aesthetics but maybe the secret is in the engine ( I’m referring to comfort and performance). They’ve blended the Ignite Foam and NRGY beads to create a hybrid foam for ultimate cushioning. Will that be enough to create a mental shift in the customer’s mind? I think it may as long as the price of the shoes isn’t ridiculously high. I don’t know how much they are going for but pricing this shoe the right away may be the key. I don’t have them on hands to do a performance test and I’m not sure if Puma is targeting runners or the entire lifestyle market but the next couple of months are going to provide a lot of cues, so I’ll be watching. In the meantime, check the review below courtesy of Seth Flower


The shoes just dropped via KicksUSA and I also found out they were priced at $120 which is a great price point.

tayib salami