Pick the Perfect Top for Any Pair of Shoes with These Throwback T- Shirts

throwback t shirts to match your kicks
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The 90s was a phenomenal time in basketball and style, producing an array of cultural icons, statements and fashion trends that have embedded themselves in pop culture throughout the last few decades. Basketball was at its peak during this era, with star players such as Michael Jordan taking the game to a whole new level and influencing many fans with their own off-court fashion choices. Today, this iconic 90s style is being widely adopted within the fashion world, with many brands such as Nike reissuing classic designs, clothes being fashioned for a modern look and folks sporting streetwear from the previous decade.

A few days ago, I was browsing the internet and came across a couple of throwback T-shirts that immediately brought me back to some of the most remarkable moments in NBA history. The first one featured a T-MAC text on its chest, referring to NBA Hall of Fame player Tracy McGrady. He was arguably one of the most complete players ever to have graced the game; a six foot eight powerhouse capable of shooting, driving, breaking down opponents and injecting incredible explosiveness into every play.  He was a member of the Orlando Magic, a team whose jersey colors and logo influenced many Nike basketball sneakers’ colorways i.e. the Penny 1, Foamposite just to name these two. Here’s a quick look at the shirt.

 Orlando Magic Tracy McGrady Throwback T Shirt

90's shirt to match your kicks

It features a silhouette of Tracy McGrady in his classic all white and blue Orlando Magic jersey, complete with the number 1 and airbrushed forearm and leg bands iconic to his style. The design of the shirt is inspired by one of his thunderous fast break dunks. The possibilities for sneakers that would look great with this shirt are countless.

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There are other colors available for the same shirt, see details below

T MAC Shirt to match your kicks 2

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Dream Team USA Basketball Throwback T Shirt

Dream Team USA Basketball Inspired T Shirt 1

The Dream Team USA basketball inspired t-shirt is a déjà vu of the iconic 1992 Barcelona dream team, which was made up some of the greatest NBA legends. From Michael Jordan in his prime to Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and Magic Johnson; this team went unmatched for decades. The dream team t-shirt uses subtleties such as stars references from the American flag’s design language  and a basketball at center graphic to let you know it’s not a coincidence – it’s game time! Rekindle the golden age of USA basketball every time you rock this classic design.

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White Dream Team USA Basketball Inspired T Shirt 1
White Dream Team USA Basketball Inspired T Shirt

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Black Dream Team USA Basketball Inspired T Shirt 2

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Kobe Fadeaway Short

Kobe Fadeaway short

‘Fadeaway’, an amazing short created to honor the legacy of the late Kobe Bryant, is paying tribute to one of the most fearsome moves in NBA history – Kobe’s unstoppable fadeaway. On the left thigh of this short, we find a majestic silhouette of Kobe – unmistakable as the Black Mamba himself – ready to launch and send shockwaves through his opponents’ defenses. This iconic image of Kobe is complemented by his renowned jersey number 24 and yellow Lakers colors, creating a nostalgic reminder of basketball’s greatest player who believed greatness was achieved by “relentless dedication to craft”. May ‘Fadeaway’ live on as a lasting tribute to Kobe’s remarkable career.

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