Patrick Ewing 33 Hi Red Suede, The Tale of An Underrated Sneaker

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The Patrick Ewing  33 hi Red suede  was released sometimes last year and I don’t know why it hasn’t caught the eye of many . Maybe it’s because most Ewing fans were from the early 90’s era or maybe it’s due to the fact that Ewing himself is a pretty low  key, humble guy; outside of basketball there is not much you hear on the news about Ewing unlike Michael Jordan . Ewing in my my opinion is the greatest player to have ever worn a Knicks uniform . This Patrick Ewing 33 hi red suede is worth every dollar you will spend on it:  from the packaging and  material to its multi purpose use . Let’s talk about the box itself ; It features Ewing rocking an old school uniform, leaning sideway power dunking with a pair of his signature shoes in the classic knicks color scheme.

Patrick Ewing 33 Hi Red Suede

Then this particular model  is dressed in all red premium suede material with an  amazing padding in the inside to protect the foot and provide enough Cushioning. Next, is the Pu midsole which is the thickest  and most durable form of midsole available in the market that delivers superior cushioning as well. We are not done yet, the traction itself is incredible with multiple patterns on the outsole including Ewing branding carved on there for even better grip. This is a  multi purpose shoe that can deliver high performance on the court for post players like Shaq and Porzingis and warm and shelter the foot in colder temperatures. Watch my full breakdown of the sneaker in the video below:




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