Off White x Nike Zoom Fly SP Black And Tulip Pink | How Many Pairs Made| Market Value

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The Off White x Nike Zoom Fly SP is releasing in black and pink in a couple of days. Most Off-White sneakers are big targets for bootleggers because of the hype surrounding them. I haven’t really written any projection post on these types of shoes because of the lack of information available on them. I’m only doing today because of Solelinks ( a site that specializes in providing its audience with a list of stockists and Release date for all types of sneakers in the market). So I’ll use the information SL provided to make some assumptions and come up with a believable estimate. The first thing I want to do is show you a screenshot of the stockists the site provided both in the USA and internationally


INTERNATIONAL STOCKISTS, A TOTAL OF 13. I know the you counted 12 but there is another store i didn’t include called OVERKILL


It is obvious that the international stores are receiving more inventory than the US locations, hence we’ll consider the following assumptions:

.International stores receive 2/3 of the inventory available, Nike Europe included ( meaning 1/3 each)

. US stores will receive about 1/3 of the inventory

Now we just need to figure out how many pairs per store were given and to do that I’ll use Endclothing as my guinea pig. End has about three functional stores and I’ll assume that each will receive about 100 pairs (based on the available sizes) see screenshot below

i’m assuming about 5 pairs per size for 16 sizes available so 5 x 18=90 and i rounded it off to 100

So if each store is receiving 300 pairs,

International Stores= 300 x 13= 3900 pairs and Nike Europe= 3900 pairs

So International Total= 3900 x 2=7800 pairs let say 8000 pairs

And USA alone would be about 3900 pairs divided between Nike and the boutiques allocated an inventory.

The Grand Total is obviously 3900 x 3=11700 pairs say 12000 pairs.This is all based on assumptions so take it with a grain of salt. And you can repeat the same steps for the pink pair too and come up with the same 12000.


I always start with eBay to see if there are any sales that have occurred to collect my data. To my surprise, the only thing I could fetch from eBay was the current listings ( meaning no pair has been sold at the asking price) so I can’t make any inference based on the asking price. See screenshot below for the current asking price

Neither the black nor the pink pair sold at the asking price, which is very unlikely. I can only think about two things- either people aren’t willing to pay that much for them or they are buying the shoes elsewhere. So let’s check StockX.

StockX has recorded 16 sales of the pink pair at an average selling price of $464
17 sales recorded on the black pair at an average selling price of $467

Both screenshots above confirmed my submission, I wrote a post a few months ago saying that StockX was going to soon bury most third party marketplaces and we can see what is taking place now. I think eBay will survive because the platform sells more than sneakers on one hand, and on the other hand, eBay doesn’t just sell exclusives. Most bootleggers target the “hard to get” sneakers and since eBay has been polluted with fakes, most people would rather just buy them on stockX ( at least they know they aren’t getting replicas). There you have it folks, let me also provide you with a list of stockists for the shoes.


Off White x Nike Zoom Fly SP Black




Off White x Nike Zoom Fly SP TULIP PINK




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