The Nike ZoomX Midsole Might Be Nike’s Weapon Against The Adidas Boost Tech

Nike ZoomX

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Adidas is cruising right now when it comes to casual/running/lifestyle sneakers; and I mean literally cruising.. Every shoe of theirs has been slapped with their revolutionary boost midsole. They have completely disrupted the running/casual/lifestyle market and other brands have yet to give Adidas a serious challenge. Nike is still the most dominant brand in the sneaker world but their profit has definitely been dented. I think New Balance is probably the most suited brand to challenge the Adidas NMD and its derivatives, but people have turned their backs on NB  when a group of Neo-Nazis dubbed the brand as” the ‘Official Shoes of White People”.

But Nike is not one to back down from any challenge; they have just released the “Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite’s progressive Nike ZoomX midsole cushioning”, and in my opinion this will be their weapon of choice against the boost midsole. The Zoomx midsole according to Nike is

remarkably lighter, softer and more responsive than traditional foams — is reflected in a distinctive 21mm forefoot stack height. Designed to give runners more energy return while simultaneously providing cushioning from the road

NikeZoomX truly enables the innovation of the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite,” says Tony Bignell, VP of Footwear Innovation for Nike, Inc. “The groundbreaking new Nike ZoomX midsole and curved carbon fiber plate work together to provide responsive cushioning and minimized energy loss at toe off.


Nike has mastered the art of getting athletes and the sneaker community to be part of their engineering process, and the result is the outburst of sales generated for any new product launched. Adidas is just as good at creating content, maintaining the interest of the consumer. Pair that up with the presence of an cultural icon like Kanye West on their side and the result are right before your eyes. I’m eager to see if  the Nike ZoomX midsole will be the “tech” of the year , stay tuned.

Here is a full breakdown of the shoe courtesy Wired

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