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Nike Should Let This Guy Design The Dragon Ball Z Nike Collection

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As you can see, I didn’t share the Dragon Ball Z Adidas collection on my site. And the reason why I didn’t do it is because the collection was terrible. I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and none of the shoes except the prophere capture the true essence of the characters of the series. The collection isn’t due till the Fall of 2018 and Adidas should’ve been patient and study each character prior to giving us a sneak peak. This is why it’s important for brands to keep the consumer in the dark sometimes; I felt like they rushed it and the results were catastrophic as far as I’m concerned.

But this morning I woke up to walshdesign’s own take on the Dragon Ball Z X Nike collection and to say I was impressed would be an under statement. This is why it’s so important for brands to lend an ear to the consumer. I can tell that walshdesign is a DBZ junkie by just looking at each shoe he created. The shoes definitely embody the characters they are meant to represent  and Nike will be smart to give this guy a job right now. Well, let me stop talking and enjoy the pictures below courtesy of  walshdesign

Dragon Ball Z Nike air max 1 Goku

I had to start with Goku of course because he is everyone’s favorite character. You can literally recognize Goku’s outfit in the color combination on the uppers. The tongue will feature Goku’s emblem and I’m not sure what the symbols will cover the back panel, the illustrator never shared a pic of the back. Even the air chamber has blue highlights.

Dragon Ball Z Nike air max 180 Cell
Dragon Ball Z Nike Air Max 98 Majjin buu
Dragon Ball Z Nike Air max 95 Freiza
Dragon Ball Z Nike Air Max 97 Future Trunks
Dragon Ball Z Nike air max 93 piccolo
Dragon Ball Z Nike air max 90 Gohan
Dragon Ball Z Nike Air Vapormax Shenron “Laceless”
Dragon Ball Z Nike Roshe Run Master Roshi known in french as tortue geniale
Dragon Ball Z Nike Air Max 96 Cooler
Dragon Ball Z Nike Air Max Tuned Vegeta

I had to end this with Vegeta because he is my favorite character in the series.

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