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Nike Lebron 15 Low South Beach Courtesy Harry

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We all know that the self-proclaimed King is headed to LA and will probably finish his career there. As much as there was a lot of buzz about it on Sunday when he made it publicly now, nothing will ever top the 2010 Decision when Lebron chose to take his talents to south beach. Sneakerheads will never forget the Lebron 8 South Beach and the countless customs it inspired. Well we may be in 2018 but artists aren’t done with the South Beach themed sneakers. Yesterday while in the mall, I ran into one of my good friends Harry who is also a talented artist. He showed me his latest project with me and I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys this morning; ladies and gentlemen, this is the Nike Lebron 15 Low South Beach courtesy of Harry. It took him about 25 hours to complete the work, if you’re interested in the shoes, contact me via

King James To The Lakers, Nike Lebron Signature In Even Better Shape

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