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Nike Kobe NXT 360, Built For Performance Just Like Any Other Kobe Sneaker

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The article’s title of the Nike Kobe NXT 360 read like this on Nike’s siteTHE KOBE-IEST KOBE YET. I immediately wanted to read the post. After reading the entire presentation, I felt like I had already read a similar article before. I hope you get where I’m going with it: there is nothing really new about these sneakers. It’s the same old story with technical terms to make the shoes appear more glorious than they are. They are definitely built for basketball but what they claim they can deliver might be pure utopia. Kobe was the mid range king and he could score even on contested shots. It was all about reps and muscle memory. He knew exactly the spots on the court where he could shoot even with his eyes closed. The only bonus here is the 360 degree flyknit that wraps around the entire foot for a natural feel ( which we already knew about ).

I’m not saying that the shoes aren’t great for basketball, I’ll definitely test them on the court. These are intended for the general public and all we need is a solid ” balling shoe”. All the additional properties the Nike Kobe NXT 360 seem to be endowed with are the selling points. Let me show you a portion of what I read earlier today via Nike,

A great midsole improves margins
While there is no direct correlation between 2 percent of space and a two-part midsole, the design insights around cutting and banking led to a dual-density solution. The drop-in for the KOBE 360 balances Lunarlon foam on the perimeter, which provides a supportive platform on the bank, with plush Nike REACT technology directly underfoot for all-game comfort.

Reducing micro volatility forms a macro upgrade to court feel
Typically, every layer added to a shoe takes the shape further and further from the true form of the foot. This makes stability on the bank difficult and thus the task of creating space even more difficult. The wrap-around Flyknit construction of the KOBE 360 is steamed directly on the last to mimic the anatomical shape of the foot, allowing for a more conformed fit as well as the elimination of harsh corners both on the footbed and then with ground contact. Ultimately, this advance in fit is designed to create a greater connection to the drop-in midsole and the playing surface while simultaneously boosting containment and reducing in-shoe movement.

Doesn’t this sound like any other Kobe sneaker that was put on the market? You can probably tell that I was very bored when I read it. The Nike Kobe NXT 360 will make its debut on April 13th.