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New Colorways Of The Air Jordan 4 IV Levi To Release This Month

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Jordan Brand released the first ever Jordan 4 Levi in the month of January and it was an instant sell out, not surprising at all. Nike’s love story with the world’s leading denim brand started since 2008 with the Jordan 1 Levi. I wonder why it took  Nike another 10 years to revitalize this idea. The Levi 4’s were definitely great for the winter so i’m not sure why JB didn’t wait till December to drop another Levi collab. Knowing how Nike operates, it shouldn’t be a strange thing that more Levi 4’s are underway- it’all about sticking with what works, focusing on products that bring more revenues and if the Levi X JB project is a success just like the Off-White, why not make more.


Following the original LEVIS® x Air Jordan IV and Trucker Jacket, the two brands have partnered again to release a second collection that introduces powerful new looks to the iconic sport styles. This time, the AJIV and Trucker Jacket are dressed in washed black and clean white denim, respectively. Just as with the first collection, the Trucker Jackets reverse into a remixed Flight Suit and feature red wing details on the denim side. Continuing the careful craftsmanship of both companies, signature details such as the co-branded dark copper shank buttons appear on the jackets and the iconic Levi’s® Two Horses paper patch is featured on the shoes, jacket and hangtags — with a Jumpman twist. via Nike

Air Jordan 4 Levi ( June 30th)

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