Meet Frederick Griot Lorenzo Nichols | When The Sky Cracks

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This post was long due and I want to apologize to Sir Lorenzo Nichols for not putting his work on the site soon enough, but better late than never. Not only can “ZO” spit some heavy stuff  but he is also one of the most lethal basketball player I’ve ever come across . At 6’5 he can shoot, drive to the rim, operate in the low post  and when this giant is sitting  in the paint, there is no one scoring on him. I had the opportunity to listen to a few songs on his album and it’s not the typical “ yo I can rap, listen to my stuff” type of music . The songs are well put together and the substance in his lyrics will tingle your ears. I would invite you to listen to his album fully available now via YT, see link below

tayib salami
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