Jordan Westbrook 0.3 Much Needed Silhouette Change, Subtle Jabs At Vans

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Nike tried to resurrect its dying SB line last year by creating the colored box editions but it did nothing to keep people on their toes. There hasn’t been any SB shoe that has stirred up social media outlets save the Nike SB Dunk High What The Thomas Campbell.  People just don’t care much for them; I wouldn’t say that Vans are the in -thing now because they have always sustained their worth. But what I would say is that there is growing number of non Caucasians that are rocking vans and that’s a great sign for the brand. It’s interesting because growing up in Togo (West Africa), Vans were always popular and when I was in high school, you weren’t cool if you weren’t wearing them ( and that was in the mid 90’s).
Vans checker flame authentic
All I could think of a couple of days ago when I saw the Westbrook 0.3 was the Vans Checker Flame Authentic . And knowing Nike and how relentless the brand is , it doesn’t surprise me that they are trying to throw some subtle jabs at vans and hopefully acquire a portion of their market as well. The other Westbrook lifestyle sneakers were hideous, too darn expensive ( at $125) and have a horrendous resale value ($49 nearly 60% less than its retail value). And if the shoes are selling on third party marketplaces for that low, what do you think that means- no one cares for them. Nike understood that the shoes needed a makeover hence the  silhouette change. And what better silhouette to mimic if not Vans for the reasons I gave above. I actually wouldn’t mind rocking one these Westbrook 0.3’s if the price is right.
Notice that I mention pricing… if these cost more than $60 I won’t touch them and that my friend is going to be Nike’s biggest challenge. The price point has got to be slightly lower than vans ( They usually cost around $60 and are made with quality materials) if the brand is expecting a substantial amount of sales. It’s hard to get folks to change their taste buds  when they have been eating the same food for years. What I’m saying is that  vans are relatively cheap and if Nike wants the Westbrook 0.3 to be a success the price and the quality are going to be a key factor. While we wait for Nike to confirm the price on the sneakers, check the pictures below and let me know what your thoughts are on them.
Westbrook’s third off-court shoe, inspired by his Southern California roots, pays homage to the adoption of the Air Jordan I by 1980s skateboard culture. The lead colorway uses an abstracted RW logo to mirror a dazzle camo design — a nod to Westbrook’s unpredictable style on and off the court. img via Nike. One could also argue that these were inspired by the Janoski’s but all my eyes see is a vans prototype

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