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Ask ten people about their understanding of God and you’ll get ten different answers. God’s name has been used in vain to such a degree that people  say god is whatever you want him to be. When I refer to God, I’m talking about the One who said to Moses in Exodus… “Tell the people that I AM has sent you” . I don’t think most of us understand the weight of the statement, it means HE IS WHO HE IS … Everlasting and HAS LIFE WITHIN HIMSELF.. HE isn’t the offspring of anything or anyone. If you want to dig more into this , check out Paul’s defense of the Gospel at the Areopagus in the 17th Chapter of the book of Acts-CLICK HERE

Some may read the paragraph above and think to themselves: ” I thought this post was about T shirts” . It is and I’ll get to it, you see my wife had a T shirt on that said “Plug into God”, see picture below

And as I thought more about the shirt, I was wondering whether people were aware of the nature of the God she was referring to meaning the God of the Bible , the great I AM. And the shirt she wore next made absolute sense, see picture below

This shirt features 1 John 4: 19: We love Him because he first loved us… basically it is explaining what God’s love is like, unconditional love that is counter cultural and if as a believer one is truly not ashamed of the Gospel of God, then it is imperative that we learn to share it without fear. If we believe that what we believe is the absolute Truth, then it calls for action and courage and for that reason I chose to put this work of art by Faithful By Design on this site. You can check out her other products via Facebook-click here

Be sure to also visit where I take on a lot of topics about the existence of God.

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