Behind The Scene: How Was The New Balance NB 247 Made?

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Adidas has disrupted the entire casual running shoe market with the introduction of the NMD. Brands such as Nike and NB are constantly trying to find strategies to regain some of the market back from Adidas. I strongly believe the NB 247 was definitely crafted to compete against the NMD. The shoes as the name indicate it, are supposed to be light and so comfortable and stylish that one wants them on feet 24/7- you get it!!!

just looking at the aesthetic of the shoes and they scream NMD everywhere from the toe box to the heel counter and the neoprene adaptive inner bootie

Well, I’m  not going to elaborate on the shoes that much, the whole post  was to report on what motivated the brand the create the NB 247. Finishline reps were able to have a conversation with the guys involved in the 247 project and here are a few things they had to say, click on the link to read the entire interview Full interview on the 247

How did the idea for the 247 come to fruition?

NB: “The 247 really came about as a partnership between several really globally minded partners on the team. We all realized that we need to pool our efforts and get behind one idea that’s completely relevant  for this kid who thinks a little differently and is looking for something new and different from the brand.”

How many different materials were considered for potential uppers?

NB: “Quite a lot because the ‘luxe’ pack and the ‘sport’ pack are very different as is the shoes construction compared with our heritage styles. To get the right look we experimented with materials new to the market and adopted others from our performance and premium lifestyle products. It’s hard to say exactly but we probably considered around two hundred options before we arrived at what you see in store. This includes leathers, meshes, synthetics, suedes and neoprene based fabrics for the foot opening. We are known as a high quality brand with a long history and we wanted to make sure that this shoe upheld that reputation.”

What additions do you think could take this shoe to a higher level than it is?

NB: “If we wanted to go more premium we could use nubuck like we did on the ‘friends and family’ release but the ‘sport’ pack has received an overwhelming response due to its more technical look. I think that is because consumers want a lightweight, modern shoe that is comfortable and breathable. We adopted many of the materials for this collection from our performance range so this shoe exudes those qualities.”

The entire pack is scheduled to release on February 4th and will be available on purchase on New Balance.

You can buy it now from our own Store



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