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I wrote a post several weeks ago attempting to predict the number of Air Jordan 18 Toro produced by Nike ( within the USA only). At the time when I wrote the first post, Footaction wasn’t listed as a stockist for the Toro 18’s; but i found out this evening that they were also getting the shoes. Conseuqently I had to rewrite the entire article. Here is the number of stores in the USA that have been given an inventory.

KicksUSA, DTLR, Ruvilla, Footaction, Shoe Palace and Nike. These are the only confirmed shops I was made aware of. Now to come up with an estimate, I need to figure out how many of locations( in store/online) will be allocated the Toro 18’s for each retailer.

Assumptions to consider:

  1. each retailer will be getting about  18 pairs per location
  2. the online stores will be getting about the same amount of the total per retailer
  3. Nike will get about twice the amount of shoes the total number of stores will receive

I know that only 7 KicksUSA stores are getting the shoe it seems, see screenshot below

if each store gets about 18 pairs so the total will be 18 X7=126

DTLR has about 103 stores and I’m assuming about 1/10 of those will get the shoe so:

(103/10) x 18= 186

Ruvilla and DTLR have merged so I’m assuming they area also getting 186 pairs in total in physical lcoations.

ShoePalace: I couldn’t figure out how many locations they have stateside so I’m assuming they are also getting 186 pairs

Footaction has about 50 locations that will get the shoe, see screenshot below

50 X 18= 900

50 X18=900 pairs

The total for all physical locations is :

Total= 900 + 185 + 186 + 186 + 126= 1584 let say 2000

For the online locations I’m just going to assume it’s also going to be the same, so

Online= 2000

The Grand Total is 2000 x 2= 4000 pairs

Now with that said, I think Nike will get about 4000 x 2= 8000 pairs.


With all my assumptions, I think about 12,000 to 20,000 pairs in total were produced for the USA.

Market Value

I’ve only recorded 10 verifiable sales via eBay and they are as follows:

April 6th: $358,$340, $325,$370,$370, $420,$380,$366,$380 and on March the 26th $500 ( Somebody got suckered). To find my average I will not add the $500 because it’s most likely an outlier.

The current Market Value is therefore:

Total= $3309/ 9= $368

Should you Cop To Flip?

the retail on these is $225 and after tax, we’re looking at $240 if you live in Maryland. Selling them on eBay for $368  yields to this:

eBay fees: $37, paypal fees: $15, Shipping : $15 so you are looking at

$240+ $37+ $15 + $15=$307

Profit: $368-$307=$61 so your profit margin is basically 16%, not too bad but will the place drop after release date? I think it will so leave the shoes for those who want to actually cop to wear.






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