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Air Jordan 11 Win Like 82 Still In Stores, Great Time For Collectors, Why?

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The day before the Air Jordan 11 Win Like 82 released, I published a post alluding to the fact the no one should pay above retail for them. I had good reasons why, you can read the entire post in the link below

You’d Be A Fool To Pay Above Retail For The Air Jordan 11 Retro Win Like 82 378037-123

It didn’t take long for me to come up with evidence to back up the earlier assertions. At 3 pm on Saturday, which is the day the shoes release, I walked in the mall ( more precisely FSK Mall in Frederick county, Maryland), and the Footlocker store which is by the way the only operating sneaker shop in the mall, still had a handful of the Jordan 11 win like 82. And on top of that, I did a bit of scouting on facebook and I was stunned by the amount of links that were shared by several individuals pointing to online stores with the shoes still in stock. Now this morning, I went to the mall to pick up a couple of sneakers and was stunned to see the Jordan 11 still on the shelves.

Today’s show with Chris from ARCH , we are going to discuss the reasons why the shoes are sitting. We’ll also tell you why this is important for those of you who like to actually wear and collect these Retros. Check out the entire show in the link below


0:30 Intro
1:10 What I saw At the Mall
2:10 Chris’s Thoughts On The Topic
2:20 Collecting Is Prime Now
3:25 Alluding To The Adidas Deception
3:45 Nike Direct To Consumer Campaign Explained
5:15 Adidas NMD’s Are Now hitting Adidas Outlet
6:15 Death Of the Jordan Retro Resellers
7:00 Nike ‘s Bright Future
8:30 Nike flash Sale Explained
10:15 Final Words


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