How Is The Adidas NMD Sneaker Faring Now? Plummeting?

Sharing is caring!8sharesFacebook8TwitterGoogle+Pinterest0Adidas has released several iterations of the NMD’s in the past few months that have been very irrelevant. When I say irrelevant, what I’m trying to really say is that no one has really cared about the latest styles of the NMD’s that have dropped. Two years ago , I didn’t have to check footlocker release calendar to see what NMD’s were going to release, all I had to do was check my Facebook newsfeed and that was enough. I don’t have retailers sales data to see whether the NMD’s are still among the top selling shoes in the market but a quick … Continue reading How Is The Adidas NMD Sneaker Faring Now? Plummeting?Read More →