Nike Air Huarache With A Zipper, Nike’s Smoking Too Much Virgin Abloh

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I really don’t know how much of the Edit To Amplify Nike is actually implementing; for those who are new to the phrase , please read the post below for more information.

Nike’s Edit To Amplify Is Definitely Reshaping The Upcoming Jordan Retro Releases

The brand’s goal is to do away with products that do not work; Nike CEO Mark Price said in an interview that the last thing the brand wanted to do was to slap their logo on a pair of shoes and assume it’s going to sell. I have no problem with upgrading a product but I’m not sure how adding a zipper on a pair of Nike Air Huarache is an upgrade. I think this project stems from the Virgin Abloh’s The Ten collection. The collection did well due to its scarcity but  in my opinion it lacked in creativity and was very silly, especially the ridiculous zip tie on the shoes. I don’t think these zippered Air Huarache came out of nowhere, there is a strong correlation though not provable with the Virgin Abloh’s pack. And it makes perfect sense for Nike to come up with a Frankenstein project like this, seeing how gullible and pea-brained consumers can be at times. Nike is all about performance so I really don’t see the functional aspect of a Zipper on a pair of Air Huarache. Please don’t ruin another classic.

img via sneakerjamz


tayib salami
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