Midnight Apple Watch X Nike Air Vapor Max Screams Nike DTC | Optimal User Experience

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We live in the day and age where the consumer is no longer satisfied with simply buying a product; brands must offer a lot more than the mere product. The consumer of the 21st century wants a one of a kind experience that comes with his/her purchase. And brands that can figure out how to solve this equation will thrive; Nike is doing just that and is already ahead of the game. Their Direct To Consumer ( DTC) campaign is at the foundation of every functional product Nike is releasing. In today’s press release Nike in conjunction with Apple has announced the release of the MIDNIGHT FOG NIKE APPLE WATCH AND NIKE AIR VAPORMAX. Runners will have an experience of a lifetime with both products. According to Nike,

 the new Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 supplies runners of all levels with enhanced functionalities through the updated Nike Run Club app: community connections, new digital coaching, motivation features and more. Beyond, the partnership between Apple and Nike also advances a runner’s style through limited-edition watchbands.

For those who don’t know the Nike Run Club App gives the consumer the opportunity to learn directly from Nike’s elite coaches and athletes (who offer training tips), as well as pep talks from entertainers such as Kevin Hart. The workouts are designed to help runners improve strength, speed and endurance. Additionally, intervals are automatically marked along the way. It also allows the users exchange words of encouragement (a “Cheers”) right to their Apple Watch Nike+ while they’re out on a run. For example, if your friend hits the trail, you’ll be notified and can choose to send a “you’re flying!” or hit ’em with a fist bump.

Now you see where Nike is going with it, everything is geared toward enhancing the customer’s experience and retaining him/her with incentives they can’t turn down. And all this is part of the DTC campaign; brands that can not or won’t adjust to this new model of running a company will not survive.


they are releasing stateside on November the 27th. Stay tuned for further updates


tayib salami