Introducing The Nike NBA Connected Jersey, Get closer To The Game

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Nike is definitely the most innovative brand that is out there. Just when you think they’ve run out of ideas, then they surprise you with something astonishing. By now most of you know that Nike will be the official supplier of the NBA on court apparel. And this year, the brand is introducing the Nike NBA Connected Jersey; basically as described by Nike,

By simply tapping your smartphone on the tag on the bottom
of your jersey, you get next-level access to athletes,
exclusive offers, and the game you love.

These jerseys couldn’t have come at a better time; basketball sneakers have hit an all time low sales wise, so this might breathe some life into the basketball market again. I’m looking forward to seeing if the introduction of these jerseys will somehow cause an increase in sales of Nike basketball sneakers. I know without a doubt that these jerseys are going to sell out quick. Once again kudos to Nike, you can watch a video of the jerseys in the presentation below.

tayib salami
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