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Get Added To The Legit Sneaker Stores List Today

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As you all know I’m part of the AHN network founded by Chris Burns. The network has been providing its readers with quality materials pertaining to the sneaker industry. We are currently garnering about 400,000 + visitors a month and still growing.  Both websites cover a variety of topics and many of our readers are always sending us PM’s with the following questions:

-Do you think these sneakers are going to sell out?

-Where can I buy these sneakers?

-Are my shoes fake?

-How many pairs of these sneakers do you think were produced?

-Is this store legit?

These are just some of the many questions we received on a daily basis. People in the sneaker game are always looking to buy sneakers and desperately searching for legitimate sellers/stores to buy from. If you’re a reseller on eBay or own an online shop, here is your opportunity to get added to our Legit Sneaker Stores list. It will allow you to take advantage of the many readers that visit our website on a daily basis. You can check our advertise page to see our STATS.

How To Get Added To the Legit Sneaker Stores List

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Your website will be added to every single one of my

Real Vs Fake comparison articles

How many pairs made articles

Where to Buy related articles

Inflation related articles.

Contact me via for any question you may have



tayib salami

My Name is Tayib Salami and I'm the founder of Housakicks. I'm part of the AHN network dedicated to providing our audience with more in depth information on sneakers . I have spent a lot of time writing projections on sneakers as far as the retail market is concerned. I also educate my audience on ways to identify fake/ replica sneakers. The AHN network covers a variety of sneaker related topics
tayib salami