Champion Is Releasing A Premium Footwear Collection Centered Around $100

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My very first Champion gear was a Dennis Rodman Pistons jersey I purchased in 2000 in a second hand market in Ghana. I wore the heck out of that jersey and I can attest to its quality material wise. I don’t know when was the last time any of you visited the mall but if you happen to have a Zumiez store in your local mall, glance through it. What hits you as you enter the store is a myriad of Champion’s apparel-the almost 100 year old brand has made a bold comeback. And i won’t be one of those who would cite celebrities as being the reason why Champion is thriving now; I don’t think that’s the case, if you’ve been paying attention at to the current fashion trends, you’ll see a resurgence of the 90’s style. Even the kids haircut  today scream the 90’s and brands like Champion have figured out a way to capitalize on it. I was told by one of the managers at Zumiez,

We are rolling through the Champion’s products, everyone is buying those..

Champion is now setting its eyes on the footwear industry which has also experienced the nostalgia of the 90’s. We’ve seen countless sneakers being retroed and more underway. Champion has decided to launch a premium footwear collection for all walks of life in collaboration with other brands ( BBC International, Hanes) and the good news is, the collection will be centered around $100. I think with this price point, the brand is set to make some colossal profits. Most other brands are overcharging for their products and it is to the point where the consumer is patiently waiting for the items to hit the sales rack. I think the Champion has the right mindset as far as pricing is concerned; the biggest question remains? Will people buy into the sneakers the same way they bought into the retro apparel? Well let’s hear what a few of the brand had to say about the upcoming collection.

The brand has never been stronger, so we feel the timing is right to establish a footwear division that aligns with what we’re doing with our specialty apparel

Don Burton, Hanes’ director of licensing.

You’re seeing this resurgence of all these ’90s sneaker brands, and Champion is at the top of that list. It’s having a real moment

Seth Campbell, VP of international sales for BBC

We’re creating a very high-tech, better-grade collection that will sit alongside Champion’s premium lifestyle apparel

Bob Campbell, BBC’s chairman and CEO.

We can’t reveal specific details yet, but you’ll see us teaming up with some of the great collaborators out there today, BBC is excited to bring Champion into the footwear market. It’s such a well-loved brand with a strong history and heritage, so we think we can build an incredible footwear program around it.

Seth Campbell

That sounds to me like they are optimistic and rightfully so, they have to be. But will it resonate with the consumers? It’s all going to depend on how their marketing strategies; the consumers are already halfway in. It’s up to the brand to create relevant content with the consumer in mind ( to establish a stronger connection). Nike and Adidas are already doing it now with their exaggerated prices and it’s working for them. I think Champion could be a great disruptor ( based on the prices) but more so if the brand can figure out a way to put s strong emphasis on the ” 90’s yearning”.,


tayib salami
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