The Return Of The Original Air Max 1 Silhouette Is A Testament To Nike’s Wisdom

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Nike definitely gets it– they understand what it means to gain an audience and retain it; they know how to engage the consumer by creating and surrounding him/her with a great experience. I was just watching the story behind the return of the original Air Max 1 silhouette, and believe it or not, I felt connected to Nike to some degree- this has been the brand’s ticket into the sneaker community for the past thirty years.

Tinker Hatfield took a leap of faith in 1987  when he decided to create a shoe with visible air units- the air max 1. Over the past three decades , the AM1 has received so many makeovers in attempt to suit the customers’ needs for comfort and style. But with constant aesthetic upgrades, the once beloved AM1 1987 silhouette was no longer recognizable. So to celebrate its 30 year anniversary, Nike decided to lend an ear to the sneaker community. After many deliberations, it was decided that the 2004 “Urawa” Air Max 1 was the perfect reference for the shape and silhouette of the 2017 AM1. Watch the video below for more information

Also dropping soon is the Air max 90 Flyknit collection available on march 2nd via End

tayib salami
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