The Air Jordan 15 XV Obsidian Will Return In 2017

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I have no idea why JB even bothers to bring back another irrelevant retro, the Air Jordan 15 XV Obsidian. We all know how shunned the Jordan 15 model is within the Sneaker Community. I’d rather they bring back the ginger 16, or the black and royal 18, instead of these hideous models that will end up on shelves again.

The Retro 15 was built to mimic the fighter plane X-15, known for its stealthiness; the exaggerated tongue of the shoes were supposedly a representation of MJ’s own tongue while in action on the court. The shoes feature all types of materials including, nubuck, synthetic foam,mesh and woven fabric on the side panels.  They just aren’t eye catching but rather repulsive- very bulky looking with no fashion appeal. If it stopped there I would be Ok; I owned a pair of 15’s that I donated because they almost got me hurt. They were very unstable and hard to put on to begin with. They were also not well padded, I didn’t sense any type of cushion underneath my feet. Somehow I felt unbalanced while playing ( horrible court feel) and quickly disposed of them.

Again I’m not sure why these aren’t being retroed again , stay tuned for further release date details.

A close look at the hideous mesh tongue and the woven upper.

This is the back view ( it features a myriad of lines and a tab with debossed writings on it)

A look at the outsole with the customary herringbone pattern ( mimics the movement of the belly of a snake, to facilitate directional changes on the court).

This is the inside of the shoes without the insoles ( it shows you the stitching, stamping and the little hole where the Air Units is inserted).

Air Jordan 15 XV Obsidian


Style# 832003-411, 2017

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tayib salami
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6 years ago

Completely agree. When these dropped I was a young high school head coach and I picked up from Nike Factory store Viejas for nothing. They killed my feet at practice so I gave them to my power forward and switched back to my Superstar Adidas with Torsion built for hooping and it was a much better shoe. #90sish

Tayib Salami
Tayib Salami
6 years ago
Reply to  archceo

they look hideous, i don’t know why Jb insists on bringing them back

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