Adidas NMD R1 PK Triple White & Black , Please Stop With The Gimmicks

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This is now getting comical and ridiculous; Adidas is milking the heck out of the NMD & boost. The brand is just randomly releasing silly iterations of the NMD’s hoping to suck in a bunch of foolish dummies who will shed top dollars for them. I mean what’s the point of dropping the Adidas NMD R1 PK Triple White & Black when the Gum Pack just dropped.

IMG SRC:letsboost IG

All they did was literally replacing the “adidas wording” on the EVA plug at the forefoot with its Japanese counterpart; the only other difference is the boost midsole ( white on the white pair and black on the black pair). There is really no other upgrade and I can guarantee you that some looney dude will swear this is the best NMD he/she has ever seen. And the worse part is the price; this will cost you probably $170 which to me is over the top. I can settle for $150 at most, because of the primeknit material which might be costly ( but I don’t think replacing mesh with primeknit will cost the company so much that it leads to a $50 dollar increase in price).

Well, the good news is hat NMD’s are now sitting in stores which leads me to believe we’ll see them go on sale even faster than Jordan/ Nike sneakers. And I can’t stress this enough but the NB 247 ( riced at $90) to me is definitely a better purchase than the NMD, check out my video below for your convenience.




tayib salami
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