This Video Shows You How The Fake Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey Sneakers Are Made

This Video Shows You How The Fake Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey Sneakers Are Made
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I was just browsing YouTube for various videos when I came across one that seemed to explain how the Fake Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey sneakers were created. Let me share first share the video and then I’ll make some comments afterward

How The Fake Cool Grey Jordan 11’s Are Made

The video starts with a gentleman first showing the finished product, the Cool Grey 11. After that, he demonstrates how the various components of the shoes are put together by way of  sophisticated machineries. This is DTC at its best and even replica factories have understood the necessity of connecting with their consumers. They’re well aware that they’re already at a disadvantage because they’re selling is illegal. So in order to ease the mind of the consumers, they get them involved in the manufacturing process. The goal is to show that the product the prospect buyer will be receiving is made of high quality materials. It also demonstrates that the shoes are made with high-performance machinery that pay attention to the smallest details.

The video currently has close to 21,000 views and 416 likes. You know what this means right? It is achieving its intended purposes, and the comments are testifying to that. Let me just share some of the comments to show you how this strategic move is working.

What’s the difference between how these pairs are made and how the pairs that are sold for retail are made ?……. Nobody can give a straight answer because there is no difference. A lot of fools out here are really brainwashed to think that because a shoe didn’t come directly from Nike, that it’s “fake” when it’s all made the same way with the same materials (if ordered from the right seller).

Do u have a web site? It looks fire

Real or fake they all made in China 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

Fake or not who cares .. how you think they know how to make each an every shoe?? Most of these ppl made majority of all Jordan’s … you think Jordan’s are made in the states … these ppl ran off with the blueprint an made it happen …

After watching videos like this, I think everyone should get in touch with you! I LOVE the process from start to finish! Thank you for sharing this with us!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

While the majority of the responses were positive, some people,  expressed their displeasure with this type of counterfeiting. I’m just surprised that Youtube didn’t take the video down, and I’m also flabbergasted that the people behind it didn’t care to conceal their faces. I guess they don’t fear any repercussions, maybe they know that their local authorities are not going to prosecute them, thus showing the multi -faceted dangerous and far reaching consequences of counterfeiting. I don’t know what to make of this but I’ll be monitoring it closely.

How To Spot & Identify The Fake Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey


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